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club history

The UBC Old-Boys Ravens Rugby Club was founded by alumni from the University of British Columbia who continued playing together as a rugby team after graduation. Despite being formed with the intention of only playing exhibition games against local clubs, the UBC alumni were forced by the league to become an official club in 1974. 


In the immediate years following its inauguration, a number of other important members joined the club, including Ian Kennedy and Al Borthwick.  As the club was still in its infancy, its hallmark was multi-tasking members, players were also: coaches, club executives, tour managers, bar managers, rugby union reps, Vancouver Parks Board, and Jericho Sailing Centre reps,  etc.   This strong tradition continues with current players taking on junior coaching and senior assistant coaching duties.


Some of the founding members of the club include:

Spence McTavish, Barry Legh, Garth Henrikson, Rick Bourne (Current Treasurer), Preston Wiley, Ro Hindson, Rob (Mung) Greg, Jake Whitehead, Warrick Harrivel, Jack Shaw, Rob Jenkins (Current Secretary).


Link to the: UBC Old Boys Wikipedia Page


The original clubhouse was located on West 4th Avenue near the current location of Jerry's Cove Pub. The UBC Old-Boy Ravens currently occupy a beautiful clubhouse on the second floor of the Jericho Sailing Centre (map).

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